Meditation Classes

Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation is a technique that takes you through conscious relaxation and mindfulness to stillness. Studies show that meditation can reduce stress and take the “busyness” out of your day. This mind-training practice can bring you deep relaxation and peace of mind. It can…





Workshop: Gratitude and Miracles For tickets go to A 3-hour workshop with writing, meditations and learning to apply the principles from A Course in Miracles to help you develop a daily gratitude practice. We will explore: what gratitude is, how it can be…


Being Radical – Deepening your Spiritual Connection

This is the post where we explore what a spiritual connection is, whether you believe in God or not, what to do to deepen it and what studies have shown to be the benefits… The simple reality is that a cancer diagnosis can change your relationship with all things spiritual. It may give you cause to reflect on your meaning and your inner world. And deepening your spiritual connection, whatever form that takes, may assist in your physical healing.

Being Radical – Embracing Social Support

Even though many of us find it hard to accept social support, it can help us live longer. True. And it can also help us heal. In this post, we will explore the different types of social support that people healing from cancer have found beneficial and why you should grab it with both hands if this is your journey.

Being Radical – Increasing Positive Emotions

This post is the eighth in a series of posts exploring the 9 key factors that Dr Kelly Turner PhD found were present in the recoveries from advanced cancer that she studied in her book Radical Remission.  Those 9 factors were: Radically…

Being Grateful

Gratitude is the theme for the week and I realised that there is a really big reason for being grateful this week. Find out what it is and how you can celebrate gratitude with me this Saturday.

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Being Linked in June

How to connect with yourself first thing in the morning, some interesting, and perhaps even useful, links and the latest news from Essentially Being.

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Being aware of cancer … now what?

Raising Cancer Awareness … A rant … Everyday it seems someone is posting on Facebook or sharing an email to raise cancer awareness. The best of all are the status updates on Facebook that seem absolutely ridiculous like “I’m sitting…

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